Aging, <br>Carol Mannas



Carol Mannas

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Intaglio:  Viscosity

This series of images related to ‘Aging’ are captured by the features found in various trees that I encounter in my daily life.  The skin (bark) of these trees tells a story describing various stages of life I have experienced in aging and how they effected me at the time and in retrospect.

The Elm represents stability and the planning stage of life where a person sets up goals and a path to follow.

The Palm shows how the original plans are adapted and changed to meet the needs and requirements of a changing life

The Jacaranda represents the feeling of fiercely defending decisions made, people loved and life choices

The Eucalyptus softens the hard edges, relaxes the tension of the everyday and accepts life experiences for what they are

The Paperbark Maple freely lives, sheds its translucent bark, holding it up to the suns warmth.