Behind the Appearance IX

Behind the Appearance IX


J. Li

(Brooklyn, New York) 

Mixed media on Arches paper 

“What is suffering? How does suffering arise? How does suffering end?” This is the most fundamental doctrine of Dharma. According to Arthur Schopenhauer’s philosophy theory, According to Arthur Schopenhauer’s philosophy theory, ‘The World as Will and Representation’, the source of the suffering maybe explained. In this new collection, J. Li wants to explore the meaning behind this ever-present aspect of human existence. As a female artist, J. Li stands in the position of a woman, using brushes to embody the different inner feelings of women in their different physiological stages such as desire, struggling, suffering, and depression, etc. Such expression is achieved by overlapping figuration and abstraction in her paintings, using the natural changes and disasters that occur in her works as metaphors for human emotions and sensibility.