Borde (Edge)

Borde (Edge)


Juan Granados

(Lubbock, Texas) 

Stoneware and red iron oxide fired to cone 6 

Art affects everyone differently but serves as a universal language. My work reflects a life of need, growth, and change. Through my work, I attempt to communicate experiences of my past and present environment. I create art in order to share memories both past and present, visions of places I've been, concerns about the environment, and observations of the human condition, as well. To do this, I use many different elements from my life and experiences. Subject matter may be difficult to separate and identify, but I try to create work that embodies an intuitive gestalt or the flow and response around an idea. My reasons for using clay are simple and basic. Clay allows me the total freedom to create work that shares its connections to my background and my experiences of working with the land.