Composition of Matter, <br>Brandy Green-Russell

Composition of Matter


Brandy Green-Russell

Ozark, Arkansas


I am a ceramic artist that uses clay to trap, release, and process memories. Clay is known for having a form of “memory” of its own. I use this memory that is disassociated from a form of consciousness as a metaphor for our understanding of our own memories. Drawing inspiration from Neurophilosophy, I have come to understand that memories are incredibly faulty, emotionally charged, and continuously change; and yet, we form our understanding and perceptions such as identity and ethics based on our memories. In her book, Touching a Nerve: Our Brains, Ourselves, founder of Neurophilosophy Patricia Churchland says that our individuality (our personalities) are rooted in our episodic memories. I seek to show the strength and vulnerability of the Human Condition through remembering and recreating parts of my own body in clay.