Domestic, <br>Sharon Draghi



Sharon Draghi

Harrison, New York

Archival Pigment Print

bovarysme – A disposition towards escapist daydreaming in which one imagines oneself as a heroine or hero of a romance and refuses to acknowledge everyday realities.

This work speaks to the isolation felt during the pandemic and heightened by our fraught political and social landscape. I’ve been thinking about the notion of time, and how slow and surreal the days can seem, particularly as darkness comes and winter sets in. Prolonged domesticity can be claustrophobic, yet living within myself can be a consolation, allowing me to delve deep into a universe of my own making. I have found solace in making self portraits that take place in an unspecified time, allowing me to weave together thoughts about home, isolation, longing and memories. This project is about evasion and about creating a fantasy life. It is also about a woman in midlife who feels like she is disappearing.

Making photographs is a means of escape for me, a way to slip into another world.