Dream the Butterfly I

Dream the Butterfly I


Yuchen Wang

(Davis, CA) 

Photo print 

My artwork focuses on photography and video as well as installation art. I am committed to exploring the contradictions and entanglements of the self while reflecting on how the self is being influenced by society. Uncertainty in human emotions and changes in human nature are the subjects that I delve into.

First project is a series of projects for underwater photography. I was inspired by the ancient Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi and his writings. The main theme of the work is to explore the sense of non-belonging and suffocation that people feel when they are in conflict with two completely different cultures. The second project is to explore people's descriptions of themselves. It seems to me that people's perceptions of the self are derived from feedback from the outside world. Therefore, each person is like a blank sheet of paper, which is rewritten by outsiders at will or deliberately. The third project is a deeper exploration of the confusion of young people after entering society.