Hull - Seeing

Hull - Seeing


Mary Kearney Hull

(Lewisville, TX) 

oil on plexiglass 

"Girlhood overly sexualized, family secrets, personal denial and healing are pivotal themes in my artwork.
My drawings, paintings and interactive work, explore traditional and nontraditional themes of cultural and
political identity in myself and the people I encounter. I like to bring the viewer into a very emotional
space that might have one questioning what the subject is hiding from or trying to accept. Often met
with an ambiguous uncertainty, I am questioning these narratives while relating them to cultural pasts
within the history I grew up believing.
Recently I have been questioning how all of us are viewed and how our culture , gender and racial expectations
have developed into an altered perspective of the person or people we have become. Also in how we are
viewed and treated by each other. Some of my newest pieces are dealing with the pandemic, social unrest,
political divide and fear for the future."