Brad Silk

(Taylors, SC) 

Oil on board 

Fueled by an interest in mythology, anthropology, and psychology, my work explores the human condition through a focus on my Queer Community. In my portraiture, I try to unite the divided culture by sharing intimate spaces and moments. By reclaiming Western portraiture I seek to both correct and subvert the Neo-Anacreontic tradition that simultaneously fetishized and destabilized same-sex love and gender variants by centering the Queer body and making it unmistakable. I hope that by spotlighting the prudish notions, derived from religious hypocrisy, I can reveal that gender, sex, and sexuality have never been binary or monolith. Working with Queer individuals and representing Queer bodies as worthy of love and holding great power has pushed the continuation of these pieces.

By witnessing others and finding beauty in their Queer bodies, I can find that in mine.