Just Around the Bend, <br>Tracy	Smith

Just Around the Bend


Tracy Smith

Leesville, Louisiana

Black and White Print

Finding the beauty in people, places, and everyday things, preserving them and sharing them. This is what motivates my drawings, paintings, and photography. Every sight is a blessing and the emotion, mood, and beauty of it I strive to capture, save, and experience again by recreating and sharing it. Preserving the memory, the history, or even just the sight to be enjoyed again. I appreciate everything I see and want to explore every detail. This inspires the need to make a copy of as many of these moments as possible. Often this results in seeing something not seen any other way. The joy found in this process must be shared in some medium for others to experience. Many comment that they seldom see me without a camera. For over 40 years the camera has literally been my window to the world. A tool to find, see, experience, and perpetuate the joys of each day. Grateful for this tool. I must share it in some way.