Kiss Off, <br>Mary Kearney Hull

Kiss Off


Mary Kearney Hull

Lewisville, Texas

Oil on two wooden panels and paper

Creating and sharing artwork is very much like exposing my soul. It is my thoughts, fears and experiences shared with others in a hope that change or understanding can evolve from open communication. Over the years, I have found myself listening to others about the method, style, technique and rules that were created to make “good art” and what defines a person as an artist. I forgot that rules were made as a guideline by some person that came before me. After turning 60, I noticed that I wanted to just be myself and to listen more to my inner reasons and passions for wanting to create. Kiss Off is about the gossip and rules that we speak towards one and another. It is my way of saying, “I am fine being me and I refuse to a part of the harmful words.”