Lilith Unearthed, <br>Aimee	Perez

Lilith Unearthed


Aimee Perez

Coral Gables, Florida

Mixed media

My artistic journey revolves around capturing the profound resonance of human existence, translating the ephemeral moments of life into tangible sculptures that pulsate with spiritual energy. Each of my creations encapsulates the core of gestures, emotions, lives, and relationships, transcending their individual narratives to embody timeless archetypes. By seamlessly intertwining contemporary, religious, and biblical themes, my sculptures become conduits through which I delve into the depths of spiritual truth, unraveling the intricate web of suffering and redemption, grief and comfort. Employing a diverse array of mediums, I shape and fire clays at varying temperatures, meticulously applying oxides, washes, slips, terra sigillata, engobes, and glazes to breathe life into their surfaces. Furthermore, I incorporate encaustic, wax, metals, glass, and found objects, weaving intricate layers and textures that amplify the narrative of each piece. This collection of sculptural works has left an indelible mark in prestigious national and international exhibitions, museums, and collections across the United States and Mexico, evoking a profound sense of awe and introspection.