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Matt Gallien

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Archival Inkjet Print

My art is made to tell a story as well as show an image. My art combines my passions of science, art, and journalism. I see these three disciplines not as wholly separate entities but as all parts of the same process of storytelling. To reflect this approach my images often are clean, tight, and every frame must tell a story. I use photography to highlight stories of the everyday whether it be natural processes or the lives of the average person. Each frame should be a chapter in a story that unfolds to the viewers as they see a series of images. I want explore the boundaries of photographic storytelling by experimenting with state of the art techniques as well as tools that are normally reserved for collection of scientific data. This allows for glimpses at worlds that humanity would not be able to normally see whether it be light beyond the visible spectrum or stopping actions that move too fast for an eye to see.