Moondance 3

Moondance 3


Raymond Bonavida

(Los Angeles, CA) 

Photograph, fine art print on paper 

Moondance is a photography series which asks us to reimagine our Moon. It explores the boundaries between the familiar and the unfamiliar, blurring the line between reality and fantasy. At the root of each image is a unique moon illumination and derived from this real reference is an interpretive composition of dynamic movement. Images are each captured organically, with a handheld camera, in single exposures lasting a few seconds. Simplicity of the subject and a stark black and white palette set the stage for a surprising amount of complexity. My approach to the series is informed by my background in philosophy and psychology in which I have a particular interest in the underlying mechanisms of human perception and cognition. The series is also an effort to increase attention towards our Moon and its emerging role as a gateway to space exploration. As the space narrative evolves, so must our imagination.