Planetary Lines-Earth #4

Planetary Lines - Earth #4


Cathy Leaycraft

(Parkville, MD) 

Photograph & encaustic 

About five years ago I started seeing art works that intrigued me. They were made with the hot wax medium, encaustic. I began experimenting. Encaustic gives my photographs the texture and depth I have long admired in paintings. In addition, I can manipulate the surface with traditional and non-traditional objects, like brushes, hammers, combs, etc. I can also scrape out areas revealing more of the photograph underneath.

In my Planetary Line series, I have chosen images with strong horizontal lines. I carve these lines out a bit to revel more of the photograph underneath.

Because I wanted the work to be more abstract, I looked at William Turner, Mark Rothko, and Wolfe Kahn for inspiration. Then I began taking photographs that were both representational and abstract. The horizon line moved to different positions, and I found that a large sky area provided a good area for atmospheric creativity.

I am continuing my experiments.