Remnants, <br>Steffanie Samuels



Steffanie Samuels

Royal Oak, Michigan

Oil paint mixed with cold wax and paper on wood

Steffanie L. Samuels is a graduate from the University of Michigan. Prior to working in Oil Painting and Mixed Media, she was an award-winning ceramic sculptor. Her work was displayed in national galleries, museums, books and magazines. She lectured and gave workshops throughout the country.

Though her medium has changed, her artistic vision has remained on track. Social justice, climate change, and women’s rights are at the core of her work. While some pieces appear humorous, there are underlying meanings found in the titles. Others just say what they mean. Abstract painting has been her current focus.

Ms. Samuels works with a variety of mediums including oil paints, cold wax medium, printmaking, oil pastels, oil pastel pencils, charcoal, acrylic paints and found objects.