Returning Fire, <br>John Cole

Returning Fire


John Cole

Nacogdoches, Texas

Oil on canvas

JD Cole is a native of Oklahoma and regular resident of Texas and Alaska. After 29 years in public education, he is finally achieving his dream of storytelling through full-time painting.

He is inspired by the stories, times, traditions, and crafts of the past: those that are at risk of being lost in the modern-day world. Deep-rooted traditions, life-long passions, continuing legacies, costuming, and experimentation provide the backdrop for the stories these images tell. In an effort to preserve the past, he attempts to pay tribute to the moments of an everyday life, nestled among personal artifacts, to celebrate the remarkable life and stories contained within them.

JD works primarily in oils in the style of classical realism and currently splits his time between Alaska and Texas. His work can be found at and on Facebook and Instagram.