Spring Day Dream

Spring Day Dream


Hyundee Doh

(Chicago, Illinois)

Mixed media on Hanji paper

From many moments we live in, some become subordinated as memory, and some become forgotten and disappear before being recalled. Would these forgotten, or remembered moments become a proof of our presence? I record the ‘present’ moments through conversation. Conversations I make between moments become a narrative in the picture plane, and they are written in my own abstract visual language. To capture each moment most intimately and lively, I chose Hanji as the major surface. Hanji is the Korean traditional handmade paper, created in a slow and natural process. Unlike manufactured papers, each and every Hanji paper already has its own story in its surface. Hanji always has slightly different feature in thickness, color and texture. It being a surface, Hanji lets the relationship among visual components on the picture plane metaphor real-life moments more directly and deeply. Whispering back and forth with the moments, these visual records become a door to re-enter each moment.