St. Jayda

St. Jayda


JoMerra Watson

(Dallas, TX) 

Oil & gold leaf on canvas 

I am exploring the ways in which sensuality exists for women in the context of freedom and power. The idea of a woman in lingerie usually suggests a private, intimate viewing, which is in direct contrast with the commanding awareness the subject has of her audience. As a woman painting women, I am considering what it means to truly feel sexy while recognizing that for many of us, this may be a hard space to get to.

Outward displays of a woman’s sensuality are readily condemned by those who hold belief systems that associate sex with shame and/or sin. I believe this notion has been used as a tool to hinder women from embracing the power that comes with freeing and owning themselves. I draw from the visual history of the gold halo and its association with gods, kings, and the divine. When placed on a barely clothed female figure, it creates a juxtaposition. I seek to reconnect women with their inherent divinity. Belief systems are powerful, and I want us to believe in the power of us.