Still No Cure for Pain, <br>Rick Yasko

Still No Cure For Pain


Rick Yasko

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Watercolor / ink

My works are arrangements of somewhat concrete images & representations / depictions & ideas that may only be realized in drawing. The ground is a complex mix of patterning, reliefs, text commentaries & asides, & clusterings of repeated images (my persistent Greek Chorus). Compositions rely heavily on subjective associations and formal parallels that open into a unique poetic vein. Hopefully, this presents an invitation to the viewer to make personal associations, interpreting content by extrapolation.

My multilayered images exist on a stage where the fragility and instability of our seemingly certain reality comes into question. I will admit that my work is quite like metaphorical storytelling, in referencing art as language. Perhaps not all viewers will pick up on all of the specifics of my vocabulary, but I’m sure that they do carry away a spark of an idea that will allow an exploration of beliefs and contemporary situations, possibly challenging their realities in the process.