Stung Girl with Public

Stung girl with public, ca. 1835, after Bartolini


Carson Barnes

(Griffin, GA) 

Archival pigment print 

I photograph and "bring to life" female portrait statues. Several photographs become prints. Childbirth often fatal, disease rampant, war on the horizon; women maintained society, civilization: brave, courageous, valiant. Immortalized in stone, forgotten.

Their stories are compelling, narratives blossom in your mind; heartbreaking, powerful, enchanting, overwhelming. Drama, anguish, joy, terror, tenderness are the aims here. I must show who they were. They were like us. Their lives not.

Let's honor these women who laughed, raged, inspired and were inspired, and loved.

I hope their stories haunt you. I depict them to celebrate, remember, honor them.

Who will you remember?