Corinne McAuley

(Bunker Hill, IN) 

Glass beads 

Working with beads came to me later in life. I have always felt artistic but had difficulty finding a path that I would take into the future. I started working with beads in 2001. Since then I have taught myself the current techniques that I use to create my art.

I do not limit myself to one style or concept as my inspirations and ideas change. The only constant is that any of my art must include beads in the design. I work in both 2 and 3-dimensional art.

The artwork submitted is a beaded tapestry. I created this piece with a needle and thread, stitching each bead together creating this design.

The transformation of an idea consists of me working through my head the process to create and then allows my passion and creativity to flow into the construction of a piece of art.

I create these works with the intent that I or others feel some emotion about the piece that will either intrigue, heal, amuse or provide some longing thought then I have succeed.