Symphony of Life, <br>Charissa Owens

The Symphony of Life


Charissa Owens

Alexandria, Louisiana

Mixed media

Listening to classical music while painting this piece evoked thoughts of a heartbeat. Just as the symphonic textures in the notes of classical music swell and digress, we need both seasons in life to truly appreciate the joy of the highs coupled with the melancholy of the lows. 

Inspired by the colors and textures in the world around me, I am an abstract expressionist artist from Louisiana.

I find myself exploring the delicate layering of soft muted colors, while infusing it with a sense of elegance, peace, and serenity.

Included in my process is the intricate multi-layering of textures, mediums, and paint often applied with unexpected tools. I see compositions and intricate patterns on objects in the world around me that I draw inspiration from and incorporate onto my canvas. Keen observation, spontaneity, and intuition are key factors to my creative process. To see more of my work visit or visit the QR code below.

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