This Topsy Turvey World

This Topsy Turvey World


Aimee Perez

(Coral Gables, FL) 


I work with human forms – with the gestures and emotions, lives and relationships – that serve as archetypes by transcending the context of their story. Through the exploration of contemporary, religious and biblical themes, I create sculptures that explore spiritual truth and the paradoxical truths of suffering and redemption, grief and comfort. The mediums I use include various types of clays fired at high or low temperatures and surfaced with oxides washes, slips, terra sigillata, engobes and glazes. I have also been known to to add encaustic, wax, metals, glass, and found objects to add layers to a piece. My work has been exhibited in national and international shows as well as museums and is part of several collections in the United States and Mexico.