Toe of the Boot: Birdfoot

Toe of the Boot: Birdfoot


Julie Glass

(Shreveport, Louisiana) 

Mixed media

(Griffin, Georgia) 

Archival pigment print 

My current series is based on Louisiana lands and waterways. It is titled Half Way Between Eunice and Mamou, a jolly phrase I heard from a Cajun Band in the French Quarter. From two-dimensional maps and satellite images I imagine a three-dimensional abstract sculpture. The resulting sculpture celebrates the beauty of the geography but does not attempt to recreate it. Once I have chosen a subject, the essence of my art practice is “mad scientist” mode - experimenting with materials and processes. The materials talk to me, from tire tread and crushed metal calling to me from the side of the road, to the beauty of colorful resin, fabric and aged wood items. Processes are equally enticing. I love the juxtaposition of welded metal with sewn fabric and threads. The subject matter and the processes kept me sane during the difficult times in 2020.