Transatlantic, <br>Michael Eble



Michael Eble

Lafayette, Louisiana

Presented by Cole Pratt Gallery

Acrylic on canvas

Eble, produces paintings and works on paper in the form of abstracted topography. Much like an atlas, his collection of works record his responses to place and experiences, providing him with stimuli that informs these works. The linear striations, meanders, motifs, and repetition of form continue to refer to land, water and maritime cultures. 

Much of his imagery is derived from invented shapes and biomorphic forms, but additionally, global positioning data, cartography, mid-century design, maritime design and travel continues to inform new directions in his work. These visual meditations conjure ideas of place and history, beauty and loss, time and transformation. It is through his artwork that he encourages viewers to become visually aware of their own environments and begin to contemplate their relationship within those environments.