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Egor Shokoladov

Port Angeles, Washington

Etching Hand-Coloured

I create graphic art mostly by a XV’s century printmaking technique called etching - each image is hand-engraved into a zinc plate and then hand-printed off of it on the paper in a limited edition. I often mix etching with other visual art methods and media like pencil, pen and marker drawing, oil, acrylic and watercolor painting in my artwork to better express my thoughts and impressions. My style has a noticeable European shade as I am a recent immigrant from Eastern Europe. To better express my thoughts and impressions, I create graphic art mostly by the printmaking technique called etching. Many of my images can be compared to a riddle or a mystery of some kind - one can ”read” the story behind them similar to how one would read a story in a book. I work in a variety of genres and my creations often show my mood and psychological state at a given moment ranging in a spectrum from ironic and humorous to serious and reflexive. Personages and situations engraved on my zinc plates are easily relatable to and bring positive vibes into the world. I pay close attention to details attracting the viewer to explore all parts of the story behind each of my artistic pieces with me.